The Elle Collection was started in 2013 by Karin Vosloo – inspired by her beautiful daughter Elle (who was born that year) and all the pretty things she battled to find for her, Karin started making everything she wanted her little girl to have herself 🙂

Over the years the Elle Collection as exhibited at many fairs and Expos, including the MamaMagic Expo’s in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

In early 2018 Karin’s dear friend Petru started working with Karin, bringing a dynamic fresh perspective to the Elle Collection, as well as many years experience in Design and Printing – together they are unstoppable!!

Lots and lots of hard work, many late nights and very early mornings, determination, passion and an unending creative flair has brought the Elle Collection to where it is today – Making little ones feel AND look super Special on their Special days!